Bring your cup

€5,000 awarded

Project duration: 03/2022 – 01/2024


The challenge

The per capita generation of municipal solid waste in 2020 reached 609 kg in Cyprus1, one of the highest in the EU and this amount increases during the summer period by 40%2. Also, the top waste items that are collected from beaches are plastics and more specifically, single use plastic items3. Recent research studies found microplastics in human bloodstream4 and in meat, milk and blood of farm animals5. The EU Directive on single use plastics bans the use of cups for beverages made of expanded polystyrene, but allows the use of plastic cups with mandatory labelling to inform consumers of appropriate waste management options for the product as well as of the presence of plastics in the product and the negative impact of littering6. So, the use of single-use plastic cups is still widespread and contributes to plastic pollution.



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The solution

The “Bring your Cup” Project aims to engage and encourage the young generation to adopt a simple change in their daily life by using their own cup in local coffee shops. The project aims to create an interactive application to engage and inspire youth to take action towards the reduction of single-use plastic cups. The concept is for the users to login into the application and earn rewards each time that they use their reusable cups at coffee shops. As a start, all the ‘Keep Our Sand and Sea Plastic Free Project’ partners can be a part of this initiative, and offer an economic benefit to their clients using this application. The project’s actions will be promoted by CSTI’s social media, local media and by informative signs at project partners’ premises and touristic areas in general.


Project’s deliverables

  • Create a “Bring you cup” application for smartphones to encourage users to bring their own cups. Through this application the project will have access to all the data i.e. how many users sign up, how many times they use their reusable cups, etc providing information about how many single-use plastic cups are saved and overall measurable data for the change that the project achieves.
  • Create a “Bring you cup” network for local businesses to support the initiative and be part of a reward system. Through this networking the project can be promoted directly through the businesses and vice versa, creating a win-win situation. The goal is for at least 50 local business to be part of this initiative.
  • Provide 4 training sessions to introduce the application to youth users: These trainings will be implemented in high schools (public and private) and will include an interactive presentation for plastic pollution for the participants to understand why it is important to take action for the reduction of single-use plastics consumption. A target of 200 people is set for the trainings.
  • Run a communication package to inform locals and tourists about the project: Through the project communication actions an outreach of more than 20.000 individuals is aimed. This package includes TV presentations of the project, press releases and articles in local and international press and various social media exposures aiming to create awareness about plastic pollution, and encourage best practices to avoid the use of single-use plastic in daily life, including beach going.


A bit about the organization

Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) aims to contribute to sustainable tourism development in Cyprus that conserves the environment, supports the local economy & promotes local culture. CSTI has developed several projects to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable tourism to the environment, the society & the economy, to promote local culture & to develop close links between local suppliers & hoteliers/operators, & also to educate & inform the public regarding sustainability issues. CSTI has gained tremendous experience through its projects in tourism. It has introduced sustainable practices, provided training & support to hotels, local enterprises & producers and developing an extensive network with all the stakeholders in the tourism industry. Through its projects, CSTI has developed manuals & training sessions addressed to the stakeholders of the tourism industry. All the manuals were supported by workshops & in-house presentations for the HORECA professionals to gain a better understanding on sustainability matters in their business. CSTI has organized Awareness Campaigns related to waste reduction, saving water & energy, recycling & reduction of single use plastics. CSTI co-organized an International Conference “Waste Management in the Hotel Industry” with great success. CSTI has the expertise to carry out the proposed project related to Sustainable Waste Management.