New Years Hike at Kalopanyiotis – 3 January 2024

What’s a better way to kick-start the year than with good company and time spent outdoors?

CEF collaborated with luxury hotel spa and retreat Casale Panayiotis to bring together a guided hike, visiting one of the area’s most attractive trails while discussing the flora and fauna of the area, as well as the natural environment of Cyprus at large.

The event was attended by friends and supporters of the CEF as well as staff from the team of CEF and Casale hotel. The group followed the well signaled River Trail (Route I) in Kalopanayiotis village, walking under the dense canopy of present riparian vegetation including plane, oak and cottonwood species and following the trail of Setrachos river. At some point the group crossed paths with a 600-year oak tree, Querqus alnifolia, one of Cyprus’ climax forest species – also featured in CEF’s logo.

The unexpected sunny backdrop was accompanied by the song of winter guests, the birds which seek shelter from the harsher weather of the continent. Blackbirds, Robins and Blackcaps made their winter presence felt with their delightful sounds, while Chaffinches, Sardinian Warblers, Cetti’s Warblers and Wrens, softly spoken, reminisced the time after the melting of the snow where they will use the banks of the river and the surrounding woodland to breed new life into the Marathasa valley. The majestic Grey Heron made his cameo during the hike, flying over the valley with a course set for one of the two dams downstream of Kalopanayiotis.

Beyond nature wonders encountered, the trail also guided its visitors through imposing architectural structures, like the abandoned Kykkos Watermill, the UNESCO heritage site of St John Lampadistis Monastery and the Faranga bridge.

While appreciating the mesmerizing beauties of the natural backdrop of Kalopanayiotis, CEF team emphasized on how important it is to conserve intact natural habitats like the one visited and how many more actions are needed to reverse damage where ecosystems have been degraded.

Up to date, CEF has proudly partnered with 14 different groups and allocated more than €150,000 towards the support of 20 conservation projects across the island. With the mission to protect and enhance the natural beauty, biodiversity and ecosystems of Cyprus, since its establishment in late 2021, CEF has embarked on a journey to partner with scientific experts, local corporates and communities to achieve the highest possible impact.

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