In early March, Rebecca Katsaris, a respected educational associate at Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center, represented her team at the inaugural European Ocean Days event in Brussels. The team received accolades for their exceptional contributions to marine environmental education via the arts. As the coordinator of the “Increasing Marine Environmental Awareness Through the Creative Arts” project, which has been supported by CEF since October 2022, Rebecca’s inventive methods have attracted international recognition.

In an acknowledgment of her work, Rebecca was recently invited to join the #MissionOcean community which allowed her to participate in the inaugural European Ocean Days, a week-long celebration of maritime topics organized by the EU in 2024. During this event, Rebecca shared insights into her team’s project, which has been instrumental in educating children and training teachers across public and private schools, and environmental centres.

The project’s goal is to enlighten young minds, targeting children aged 3 to 12, as well as educators, about the vital marine and coastal issues specific to the Mediterranean Sea. The initiative employs a dynamic blend of music, visual arts, movement, dance, drama, and storytelling to engage and inspire participants, fostering a deep connection with marine conservation.

For more information about the 1st European Ocean Days and to explore the depths of this initiative, please visit the European Maritime Forum’s website. Join us in celebrating the team’s achievements and the continued success of our mission to protect our precious marine ecosystems.