Presentation of the CEF in London – May 2022

On May 24th 2022 we had the great honor of being hosted in London, at the Cyprus High Commission in the UK, presenting the very first steps of our foundation during our joint event with the UK-Cyprus Enterprise Council (UKCEC) and the Conservation Collective.

HE Cyprus High Commissioner Mr Andreas Kakouris introduced the initiatives of the Conservation Collective and the Cyprus Environment Foundation (CEF) and touched upon the urgency in supporting environmental conservation work in Cyprus. Peter Droussiotis, chairman of the UKCEC as well as chair of the CEF’s steering committee, talked about how an initiative such the CEF that works towards safeguarding the natural environment and beauties of Cyprus is urgently needed on the island. Ben Goldsmith, the founder of the Conservation Collective, gave a truly inspiring speech on how we are always prone to protect the land we grew up in and have a special connection to considering CEF as the perfect opportunity for Cyprus lovers to get involved with and engage in making the island a better place. Sofia Matsi, executive director of the CEF, explained the vision and structure of the foundation and gave a brief presentation of the very first projects running on the island fueled through CEF’s funding.

The speeches were inspiring, and turnout was fantastic with participants ranging from distinguished Cypriot scientists and academics to bankers and entrepreneurs, as well as specialists in conservation work and individuals passionate to support ecological restoration and protection work on the island of Cyprus.

The event was covered by Hellenic-TV and you can watch the speeches and interviews in the video below.