1 euro per table!

Almost a third of Cyprus’ surface has been recognized as Natura2000 protected area. In the old days, writings described Cyprus as a “Green Island” with lush forests ranging from the top of its mountaintops all the way to its coastlines. Today, Cyprus is home to some of the most rare and threatened species in the Mediterranean and hosts unique wildlife and habitats that can only be found on the island and nowhere else in the world.

However, climate change, continuous natural resource exploitation, inefficient waste management, and unsustainable land clearance and agriculture have been contributing to the quick degradation of the island’s natural ecosystems leading to an urgent need for conservation and restoration action.

At the Cyprus Environment Foundation (CEF), we work with local communities and nature experts to protect and enhance the natural ecosystems and biodiversity of Cyprus.

Making a financial donation is an effective way to give back and contribute to the protection, restoration and regeneration of this very special Mediterranean island we all love so much. A way to tackle this is by collaborating with local restaurants through our €1 per table initiative where the restaurant will be adding a discretional €1 to your bill in aid of the CEF.

Scroll below to find out the restaurants we collaborate with under the €1 per table initiative.

Your contribution will go towards the extension of our existing projects and the initiation of exciting new ones.

  • If you want to maximize your impact, you can donate a larger amount here.
  • If you want to introduce the €1 per table initiative in your restaurant, please contact us.
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