This past spring quarter was filled with events, gathering opportunities and project impact celebrations. We got to interact with some of the wiser as well as newest foundations across our Conservation Collective global network. We also celebrated the achievements of our “Greening Cyprus in the Fire-Affected Areas” that worked towards the reversal of desertification and regreening of Cyprus. Finding creative ways to promote our work is always central to what we do at CEF: we organized movie screenings, fundraising campaigns and published articles about our work in the press.


This newsletter includes:

  • A celebration of the Collectives 2023 award we received for our project “Greening Cyprus in the Fire-Affected Areas” under the category “Preserve, Protect and Regenerate Natural Habitats.”
  • Our global network’s, the Conservation Collective, annual gathering in Korfu during May 2023.
  • The exciting fundraising partnership with Marks & Spencer (M&S) Cyprus for the month of May 2023 where €2 are being donated to the CEF with every women or men DENIM purchase of M&S DENIM item.
  • Our new hiring position for an “Operations Manager.
  • Two upcoming interactive marine environmental awareness workshops in collaboration with Enalia Physis.
  • A press release on CEF’s updates in Eleftheria, UK based newspaper.
  • Our two organized screenings of the documentary “Mediterranean Life Under Siege” in collaboration with the Network of Scientists and Fishers of Cyprus, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research and the Cyprus University of Technology.


Read the full newsletter here.