Sustainable Waste Management

Today, each resident of Cyprus produces an average of 106 kg of plastic waste per year, a value 63 percent higher than the overall Mediterranean average. Cyprus generates exceptionally high volumes of municipal solid waste with 617 kg of waste produced every year per capita, and only 18 percent of it being recycled.

On the other hand, identified phosphate levels in surface and ground-water bodies of Cyprus, often reach levels 100 times higher than threshold limits, mainly due to industrial, agricultural and livestock pollutants.

The need for the application of mechanisms that reduce the island’s produced waste, increase recycling and reusing habits and limit pollution events of terrestrial, freshwater and marine areas, is evident.

The Cyprus Environment Foundation looks to support projects that encourage the reduction of produced waste, engage citizens and communities in the recycling and reusing of resources and promote the maintenance of clean natural habitats.

Sustainable Waste Management Grants

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